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Freddy's Brooklyn Roundhouse is designed to turn the train of eminent domain around by bringing you community leaders, artists, musicians and activists from Brooklyn who are railing against the proposed Ratner land & sky grab. Roundhouse refers to a circular building for housing and switching locomotives, and lends itself to the community’s desire to turn things around. The show’s purpose is to provide a forum for the community’s voice, which has had no say in this proposal, and to win this battle to keep the Brooklyn neighborhood character, demand community input, and stop dubious, wasteful, & unsustainable over-development.

Host Liza Garelik, musician, singer and "Fregular," also covers other local & national issues threatening everyone’s civil liberties. Issues range from the use of eminent domain at places such as Brooklyn’s historic Underground Railroad site at Duffield street, to brooklynites helping to save the homes of displaced residents of New Orleans, to the growing immigrants rights movement; bridging borough, city-wide and national topics that infringe upon constitutional rights and threaten our communities, into local historical context and tunneling into action.


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