ACORN New Orleans Relief Effort

This footage is from JUNE, 2006! Almost nothing has been done for New Orleans since the storm hit, while hundreds of billions have been spent on the Iraq war. Brooklyn vs. Bush sent a team to help save neighborhoods in New Orleans and the surrounding areas. We came back wanting to encourage others to consider taking their vacations down there, too. They can really use the help. And if you have time or money to give, you could do far worse than helping these folks out. At this time we can only encourage donations for the New Orleans ACORN, as the NY State ACORN is under contract with Bruce Ratner and is working to destroy Brooklyn to replace our neighborhoods with Ratner's skyscraper city.* It's a tale of two ACORNS. One misguided and destroying homes, and the other one helping out people in need. We hope you will support New Orleans ACORN and continue to fight New York ACORN's skyscraper madness and racial divisiveness. Thank you!

*Forest City Ratner is a major ACORN donor. Bertha Lewis of New York ACORN has actually testified against lowering the minimum income requirement for the so-called "low income" units in Ratner's proposed skyscrapers, while working to displace 171 mostly latino families from their homes in the footprint of the proposed Atlantic Yards project. Is she duped into thinking that a company that would not even put doors on the Fort Greene side of their Atlantic Mall would actually help the black community? Or has she simply been bought? The only thing that is clear is that Forest City Ratner wants desperately to look like a friend to the black community. But their manipulative public relations campaign, which includes Lewis, BUILD, fake publications like "Harlem Today," a black-owned front company called McKissack, and a stadium to scam public funds and support, show that Forest City Ratner is all about trickery and non-binding promises of housing and employment which they are free to walk away from. The Atlantic Yards proposal has steadily increased from 3 to 14 to 20 and now 22 acres of Brooklyn homes and businesses, and it will continue to grow in its effort to replace the Brooklyn we know and love with an unaffordable series of ugly high-rises, all owned by Ratner, and subsidized by the taxpayers. Gag orders on homeowners forced to sell to Forest City Ratner under the threat of Eminent Domain have crippled the neighborhood's ability to defend itself, and left the renters of the area to fend for themselves against Ratner and his new puppets, New York ACORN and BUILD and the politicians he also donates to.

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