"Harlem Today" Fake Ratner Publication

Bruce Ratner is playing the race card so often these days, now he's printing his own. Check out the billionaire's latest dirty trick on the black communities of Brooklyn and Harlem:


Ratner is pretending to be Black-Friendly

In fact, his Atlantic Mall has no doors or windows on the Ft. Greene side, to block the black neighborhood's access . . .

AND the contracts he makes people sign when they sell to them include a "mild" form of slavery called a "gag order" (your rights to speak about Ratner, as well as your rights to join, or even donate to neighborhood groups, are sold to Ratner.This is something many African-Americans find highly offensive for symbolic reasons as well, since gags, like chains and whips, are tools of enslavement.   Most Ratner publications aimed at the black community talk only about the basketball stadium, and hide the 17 SKYSCRAPERS that are the real reason for the land grab.  171 families, mostly latino and black will be put out of their  homes to build the skyscrapers.  And their 4 story neighborhood will be destroyed forever.  If they want Ratner to pay their moving expenses, they too will have to accept the slavery of their mouths and feet and sign his gag orders to get their money.  That's why most of them are trying to stay and fight against selling their civil rights and having their homes stolen.

You won't see the skyscrapers or their victims in this fake publication.  What you will see is a magazine designed to get black people in HARLEM on the side of the man who doesn't want to let the black people of BROOKLYN into his shopping mall. 

(ed's note: That's not entirely true:  Ft. Green residents CAN walk around the entire mall and will be let in.  It's only 3 or 4 long city blocks to get to the side with the entrance.  So the younger people can walk the extra quarter mile just fine.  It appears he's only trying to keep the older black people out. Especially the ones in walkers.)

Enjoy "HARLEM TODAY", an expensive piece of propaganda targeted to turn uptown against Brooklyn.  Bottom line: Ratner wants to turn a 4 story neighborhood into skyscraper city and he's using the stadium to front for it to make us do unto others what we would not want done to ourselves.  But don't believe his lies and omissios. If he was only building a stadium, he could do it over the train tracks and leave the neighborhood alone. This is a land grab by a developer who has not been a friend to the African-American community. And he is tricking the black community into supporting him in the name of the stadium, because he may need votes and influence to get the land he wants.

One more thing: Ratner isn't selling this magazine, he's giving it away in all the restaurants and clubs in Harlem to make it seem like an innocent, community publication. Will this man stop at nothing?

"Harlem Today" issue 2
a very thin, very expensive
looking folio size magazine.


note: the lead stories about
McKissack and Ratner are
NOT listed on the cover

Inside cover full-page ad,
McKissack Construction


The feel-good construction company hired to build the "stadium"

Lead story teaser  page,
McKissack Construction


Make a black company destroy a neighborhood and call it "follow the dream!"


Lead story is about
McKissack Construction


McKissack Construction
is a holding company
and can subcontract to
whomever Ratner wants

Next story is on Bruce Ratner
and his taking a multi-million $
hit for the black community!


Then another full-page ad
by the guys Ratner hired
to put out this farce.


Another full-pager by
a black real-estate firm.


Ends with an ad for Itself! Shows the only 2 issues so far, including this one . . .


Yes, it appears ALL the ads are from companies with whom Ratner does business.

Other Ratner Propaganda

a friend writes:
Hey, did you get that mass mailed Atlantic Yards brochure Ratboy put out?
PROPAGANDA at it's FINEST. It's amazing! AND I Havent' seen so many (phony) smiling black faces in a pamphlet since the program for Raisin in the Sun. Wow.   


and, yes! i did get that pamphlet deluxe. what are those people of the ratner future ON? and how did they get my mailing address? from the government?

RE: "what are those people of the ratner future ON"
The drugs? I believe smoking gold leaf rolled with hundred dollar bills would have a psychotronic effect on about anyone!

Of COURSE they got the addresses I'm sure from voter rolls or SOMETHING. You know how tight he is with Bloomberg and Patacky.


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